1-877-639-0227 Technical Support Scam: Do Not Pick Up

Alert! 1-877-639-0227 is a number used by an anonymous technical support scam squad that loots people worldwide. We urge you not to respond to this caller. Yes, this number belongs to the United States, and the target audience of this scam number is the nearby states. They are fooling people in many ways. It is not necessary that you’ll get a call from this number, they have many tactics to manipulate people to do fraud with them.

How This Scam Number Can Potentially Harm You

It is not necessary that you’ll get a call from this number. Some people also complained that they got a message from this number in which their Amazon account details were mentioned, pretending it was an official number. The message contains information about an Amazon order you might have made. Sometimes the same scam contact may also notify you that your account has been credited with $507, mimicking the pattern of a bank. The sender of these fraud messages uses such traps to collect sensitive details like bank account numbers and OTP. Do not ever click on any malicious link or call on any such kind of fraud number because a single wrong step can cause big trouble. Some similar fraud callers may also send money to your bank account and ask you to return their money, but it is a trap as they will get your bank account details if you return their money.

How to know whether a number is a fraud

By using any third-party application you can easily get to know if a number is fraud or not. There are many applications available on the internet that can help you to identify a number, for example, Truecaller, robocaller, etc. The use is also very simple just install the application, log in, and you are all set. As you get a call, a pop-up will get up and shows whether the number from which you are getting the call is spam or not. You can also use the search option of the application, in which you can search any number and get the results that the number is spam or not. There are many applications available that you can download to recognize spam numbers but we recommend you to use a trusted application.

What to do if you get a call from 1-877-639-0227 number

If you ever get a call from a spam number then, do not answer the call and block the caller immediately. Then report spam that number so that other users also get the message that the number is spam. Then, report it on cybercrime online. You can easily do it just by sitting at your home by visiting the online cybercrime reporting portal. If you get a message in which they are asking you to call them, do not ever do that.

Finally, we can say we should not be careless whenever we get calls from unknown numbers, as it can lead to serious crime.