Amazon Return Continue Button Not Working: 7 Easy Fixes

Are you also having problems returning any of the products on Amazon? You have clicked on the right link because we are here to give you the easiest fixes to solve your issue. A lot of people from all over the world are complaining that their return button is not working and they aren’t able to return any of the products they have ordered. We did some research and found some handy tricks that will solve this issue within a few seconds. Even though it could be possible that there is no issue with your account, you’re making some mistakes that make you unable to use the return button. We will help you with this, don’t worry. You just need to follow all the steps properly, step-by-step and we ensure you that, at the end of this article, you’ll see that your return button is fixed. So, without wasting any more time, read the article and fix your Amazon return button not working problem.

How do I fix the return button on Amazon?

Nothing to worry about; just follow the steps carefully listed below:

  1. A server could be the problem

The server is one of the most important factors required to work on any application or website. All the requests and actions that you take require the server because it helps to maintain all the data and process your request. That’s why, before taking any action, check online to make sure the server of Amazon isn’t down. If servers are down, then you can do nothing but wait. You can easily check it out on the official Twitter or subreddit page of Amazon.

  1. Check if you have crossed the return span

All the items or products you order from Amazon or another e-commerce platform have a specific period of time to be returned. All the companies have different and unique policies on returning items. Amazon gives you 30 days to return/return an item if it is damaged, defective, or you got the wrong item different from what you ordered. Within 30 days, you can claim a full refund for any item that is refundable. If you keep the item for more than 30 days and then want to request the return of any item, the return button will not work. In such a case, you cannot return any product; this is also the reason that your return button is not working.

  1. The item you want to return isn’t returnable

Amazon is clear about its return policies, and you should know that some items cannot be refunded. Some of the international items also cannot be returned. You can check the list of non-returnable items on the website. That’s why, before placing any order, read the description of the item to protect yourself from such issues. There are many items listed on the website, including lingerie, software, some jewelry, and many more. So, before requesting any return, check the list of the items that you can’t return. That could also be the reason for the issues.

  1. The problem could be with your browser

It is not mandatory that the reasons listed above be the reason, but your browser would be. To fix the issue, you can take several steps, like clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. If nothing works, change your browser and try to operate on another browser that will help you, or you can also use the application by installing it on your device. Also, try the reboot option to fix this issue.

  1. How to request a return

Some people don’t know the new procedure, and they keep trying to return the product using the old process. A step-by-step procedure is below to request a return.

  • Click on orders
  • Choose the item that you want to return
  • Click on return/refund
  • Give a valid reason for the return
  • Schedule a pickup day and time according to your convenience
  • If you have chosen a refund, then you have to select the method you want to receive your payment back
  • You can choose the original payment method or your account wallet
  • If you choose to return it, then a delivery boy will come to take the item and give you a new one
  • Once you choose it, click on return/refund
  • You’re all set
  1. Fill in all the details carefully

Fill in all the required details carefully. Because if you fill in the wrong details, that will also cause problems. All confidential information like card numbers, OTPs, and CVV details must be filled in properly to process your request further. Also, keep in mind to fill in all the information and not leave any box blank to do it correctly.

  1. Restricted or suspended account

There are also possibilities that your account has been suspended or restricted because you violated some of Amazon’s legal rules. This happens when you return items repeatedly or have done something because of that. Amazon suspends your account or blocks your IP. In such a case, you can talk to customer care and ask to unblock your IP. You can also use another device to process further in case your account is blocked.

Final thoughts

All the methods recommended have been tested and proven to help fix the problem of the return button not working. If you are also stacked in such a case, then try these methods one-by-one and fix the problem. If any of the methods didn’t work, then contact customer support at Amazon and ask them for help fixing your issue. We are happy to help you, and if you have any other questions, you can ask us.