Ashok Vats- An underrated actor and Influencer

Ashok Vats is a model and comedy video creator and the brother of famous actor Prem Vats. He is one of the most talented entertainers who is getting a lot of attention from people on the Internet. He makes videos on different topics to entertain people and always tries to generate new content for their viewers. He has a huge fanbase on various social media platforms. There is not too much information about him available on Google but with the help of this article, you’ll get to know all the information about him. Keep reading this article till the end to know all about him.

Get know more about Ashok Vats

He belongs to a Hindu family. He was born on 21, October 1995. Now he is 28 years old(as of 2023). Ashok’s favorite actor and inspiration is Ranveer Kapoor. He goes to the gym every day, has a 74kg body weight, and is 6ft tall. He likes to stay slim and fit that is why he is not bulking his body but his future plans are different maybe he will going to be a little bulky now because he on gaining nowadays. People like him for funny videos that make them laugh and his acting is really good that attracts people of all ages.

How did he start making videos?


He is a well-qualified person, used to doing a job in the Banking line. He did a job in the banking line for a long time after that in 2018 he decided to follow his passion which was video creation and entertaining people. In 2018, he left his job and start making videos on TikTok, people started liking videos and he started going famous. He is the eldest child in his family that’s why quitting his job and starting to make videos without any income from social media was a difficult step. That’s why starting his career in the acting line was really difficult and struggling. His younger brother Prem was already in this line but he never asked him to support him. He wanted to make his career on his own. He gained a lot of popularity on TikTok before it got banned in India. He had 3 million followers on TikTok. After the ban of TikTok, he gets into depression. He never lose his faith and keeps struggling, now he has a good fan following on other social media platforms.

What are the achievements of Ashok Vats?

After facing up & downs a lot of time in his career he was broken but he didn’t give up. Now, he has 62k followers on Instagram, 5 million on Rizzle, and 200k on Moj. He also worked with many famous personalities in Bollywood including Gippy Grewal, Ranveer Kapoor, Sapna Chaudhary, and more. He also worked on many bhakti songs. He also worked as a side actor in Brahmastra and Tu Jhooti Mai Makkar.

Family background of Ashok Vats

There are a total of five members in his family. He belongs to a very normal family with no background in acting line. Even after that, he never stepped back and keep growing in this line. His father is a Farmer and property dealer and his mother is a Housewife. His younger brother Brother Prem Vats is a famous actor and influencer with huge fan followers on many social media platforms. He has 1 sister who is married and she has 2 children too.

What are the future plans of Ashok Vats?

He is trying to get into Bollywood and Tollywood. He wants to be a big superstar and wants to become an inspiration to a lot more like him. He is still unmarried and doesn’t in any relationship because he doesn’t want to lose his focus on his career. Probably you’ll see him in some upcoming OTT series and movies because he announced via a social media post that he is going to come in any web series. So, keep tuned for the next update.