Can cockroaches live in your penis? – Not possible!

You must have heard about a meme that went viral, “Can cockroaches live in your penis” on social media, became a trend, and got plenty of likes. One of them is what we are going to talk about today. Many people got afraid after reading this news and started searching on Google to get the right information. I could understand how you felt at that time when you read this news. First of all, I want to make it clear that no cockroach lives in your penis. Even though it makes no sense that a cockroach can live in your private parts, all of this is nothing more than bluffing. To know the truth behind this statement, including the reason for that post, the reality behind it, and all the other things that you must know, read this article till the end.

What is the reason behind the meme?

There is no scientific or proven logic behind this statement that proves that cockroaches live in the penis. This meme has gone viral, and people believed in it because someone posted it on social media, and he pretends to show that he searched on Google for “Can cockroaches live in your penis?” and Google replied, Yes, it is very normal to have a cockroach in your penis. As people saw that post, they got shocked.

What is the reality of the post?

That post was nothing more than another kind of joke. The reality is that someone edited that post, wrote all the things that he wanted to show the public, and posted it on social media. As he posted, that news brought a storm on social media, and people got crazy by thinking that cockroaches live in their private parts. That post got thousands of likes. You have to understand that no cockroach is capable of living inside a human being. Cockroaches like to stay in dirty areas and places where they can hide, but not inside your pants. As you would know, a penis is also called a Cock, and not just because Cock comes with the word cockroach, then a cockroach can live in your penis.


As our team read this news, we were also shocked. But before believing such sh*t, we did some research and found that there is not even 1% truth in this statement. If you are worrying about this thing, then release all the worries and be comfortable because you are safe and no cockroach lives in your pants. If you have any questions related to this article, feel free to ask us by commenting below.