How to Split Microsoft Edge Screen to Increase Productivity

You must be familiar with Microsoft Edge. But many of us don’t know about the interesting features of it. There is an interesting feature in the Microsoft Edge application that will help you increase productivity while working as well as assist you in many other things. Did you guess what are going to talk about? Yes, we will be going to tell you about the screen split. Basically, if you don’t have any idea what we are talking about then relax and keep reading this article to get to know about this feature. Through this blog, we will tell you, how to enable or disable split screen in your browser.

Quick Introduction to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. It is developed by the Microsoft Company. If you want to enjoy an enhanced speed while browsing anything on the Internet. Microsoft Edge is a perfect choice for you because everyone wants a web browser that operates fastly, and securely, and provides a lot of features that will assist you in doing your work more conveniently. Microsoft keeps updating its application with new features. Recently, a new update is launched that enables its user to split screen. So that, users can compare two files or do work faster by using this feature.

How this feature is beneficial for you?

As Microsoft Edge browser is the favorite browser of many people out there. This feature is beneficial for you because this feature allows its users to divide the screen into two parts. That means you’ll see two windows and you can work on them side-by-side. Apart from the split screen feature people love to use this browser because of its fast processing speed, VSR feature, and, many more. Now, see how to enable a split screen.

How to split the screen of your Browser?

Splitting the screen is a very easy task. To enable this feature you just need to open the Microsoft Edge browser. Once you opened it, click on the search bar and paste or type the command “edge://flags/”. Open the page and search for “split screen” on this page. After that enable the split-screen option.

There is another more easy method too. Just paste the command “edge://flags/split-screen” in your Microsoft browser and this command will redirect you to the Microsoft Edge split-screen page. Here you can enable the option. After you enabled the option. Restart your browser or reload the page. Once the option is enabled, the question is how to use this feature or how to split screen. To know about the use keep reading.

How to use the feature

The use of this feature takes no hard work. There are many ways you open any website in split screen, two of them are mentioned below.

  • First method

Open the browser, right-click on the screen, and select the option “Open link in split screen/window”. Your screen will be divided into two parts and you can work on both screens.

  • Second method

If you have already opened links in two tabs. Click on the Split window button from the toolbar, and choose the tab you want to open in the split screen. By using both methods you can easily split your screen into two parts.

How to close or disable it permanently

For closing the split screen, just click on the X sign in the corner and it will be closed. To completely disable this option, simply open the same page from which you enabled the option and choose the disable option there. After changing the setting, just reload or restart the browser, and you’ll see the split screen option is disabled.

This blog showed how to enable, disable, or use the split screen option. By using this option you can save yourself from switching tabs again and again. You can just split the window into two parts and work on them. Another fact is you can adjust the size of the screen. You can adjust the size by dragging the screen right or left. Thank you for reading!