Know the Reason Why is Rickey Smiley Raising His Grandson?

This news that claims Rickey Smiley is raising his grandson and granddaughter is totally true. The reason behind this is that his son and daughter are no more in this world. That’s why he is raising her grandson and granddaughter. The son of him was passed away at the age of 32 on Sunday 29. Many claims that their son was addicted and he died because of an accidental overdose. The son of his named Brandon has one girl child whose name is Storm. There is a daughter too of Rickey’s name Aaryn has one baby boy named Malik. The daughter of Rickey also passed away in an accident. Since then Rickey take custody of the children and taken care of all of them.

His daughter passed away at location, 6898 South Freeway in Houston. The accident is done on Sunday night when she is coming home after a party with her friends and at a stop light in Houston, Texas, she was shot many times by some goons and died on the spot. The son of Aaryn also got orphan.

How is Rickey handling the situation now?

The life of Rickey Smiley is full of tragedies because his daughter and son passed a long ago. But he never stepped back and strongly faces all the situations and circumstances he is in and took care of his family rather than showing her back to the problems. In an interview, he confesses that he is happy with his grandchildren and he loves to play with them. It is difficult to face a challenging task for him in the age of retirement. He gained a lot of popularity and respect in his whole life. He is famous for his show named The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. He is also a famous anchor, comedian, and television host.

We understand how difficult it could be for him to raise his grandson. Despite this, never shows anger or rudeness, and even shows kind and playful behavior with his grandson. He also likes to talk about the bond between Rickey and Malik. He also says that it was difficult to handle all this alone but with time he realise, he got a chance to be young once again with his grandson. He is a family man and also belongs to a very big family, he never wanted that his grandson will raise without the love of a family. For that sake, he took the decision to take care of his grandson.

He is very happy in his life and enjoys being a grandparent. He also spoke about the satisfaction he feels with his grandson. His love for his grandson is infinite. We can also learn a lot of things from him like staying strong in any situation. We hope that now you can understand why is Rickey Smiley raising his grandson.