Levinejewerlry com: Our Review on Big Scam

Levinejewerlry com is a jewelry shopping website that offers a lot of unique designs at affordable rates. People love to buy jewelry and always stay on the hunt for cheap prices and a good look. You must be heard about, which offers a wide range of jewelry, gaining a lot of popularity on the internet for its eye-catching gemstones and worldwide home delivery option. But people are worried about its credibility and trustworthiness. Today, I am going to give you an honest review of this site that will clear all of your doubts and help you to know whether this site is legit or not.

Levinejewerlry Com Overview

Levinejewerlry is an online jewelry store that showcases a wide range of products including, necklaces, pearls, bracelets, rings, bangles, diamonds, and more. They are famous for their alluring ring designs and diamond pieces of jewelry. As the website claims that they are providing these services since 1944 and they are handling this business from generation to generation. They promise their customers sophistication and elegance. But all of their claims seem fake after investigating their website. Even the appearance of the website is very poor and seems copied. As a writer, this is my responsibility to aware the reader of my blog. That’s why I tested its security measures like, contact accuracy, customer support, and trustworthiness. After testing, my review of this website is in the paragraphs below, read them to know more.

Contact and Information Accuracy

Email id and physical address are available on the website but the contact number is not available which indicated that the website is unreliable. Email id and address also seem misleading or fake. The website claims that they are in this business for more than 50 years but the domain age of the website is hardly 1.5 years. The description of the products is also misleading that cannot be trusted. The lack of proper contact details raises the question of the reliability of this portal and the contact and information also false claims.

User Experience and Design of the Website

User experience is also very poor because the reviews on the products available are negative. The design of the website is below the average which seems like that is created by a neophyte. Overall appearance also seems very unprofessional. Used very low-quality images, even the text size, and colors are very poor. Navigational buttons are missing, making it hard to find the item that the user is searching for.

Reputation and Reviews

There are a lot of negative reviews available on the website, written by the customers. Reading the reviews of the user is one of the best ways to investigate the site’s reliability. I read a lot of feedback comments that clearly show that the website is not worth using. Even a lot of red flags are given by the users. As an overview, I can say that this website lacks credibility and trustworthiness. Some of the users also reported scams while using.

Our Opinion, Levinejewerlry Com is Legit or Not

The presence of red flags, incorrect contact information, lack of trustworthiness, and negative customer reviews, show is not legit and not worth using. All the points written in this article are my perspective and this article is written to beware readers and save them from a scam. Some of the points like the SSL certificate show that this website is legit but most of the points signal the negative. Please consider these points and stay safe from any kind of cyber risk. I also recommend using a trustworthy platform to do shopping.