9anime error 500: Causes and Fixes

9anime error 500 is one of the most common errors that people are facing when trying to watch anime episodes online. People love watching anime nowadays. Basically, the center of anime is Japan but now people from all over the world are fans of anime. That is a developed version of comics that is converted into an animation that adds some more fun to this. But people are reporting from all over the words that they are facing error 500 while trying to watch any episode or open the 9anime website. The main reason behind 9anime error 500, the site is under maintenance or your browser is corrupted. Read the full article to get to know the solutions.

The main reason behind liking this website is that it’s free worldwide.9anime is famous among people because it is a website that provides free anime content that anyone can read or watch without paying a single penny. Now people are worried about is this problem is resolvable. So, the answer is, Yes, this problem is solvable, and very easily you can solve it after reading this article. If you are also facing error 500 then don’t need to worry anymore because in this article we will take you through an easy and professional solution to fix this issue within a few simple clicks.

What are the Reasons Behind Facing 9anime Error Code 500?

There could be some causes behind this error code. Some of them can be solved by yourself but for some errors, we don’t have any control which includes the down server of the website. For solving them we can do nothing rather than wait. Some of the fixable causes and their solutions are mentioned below.

  • The site crashed because of the overloading.
  • It is under maintenance.
  • Any third-party application is blocking you to visit the website.
  • The website’s firewall or antivirus could be the problem.
  • Your location is blocked from access.
  • A glitch in your browser.
  • Unstable connection.

These are some reasons behind facing error code 500 while opening the 9anime website. The best and handy solutions are mentioned below read them to fix these problems wisely. There is no need to take all this trouble anymore or be deprived of watching anime.

Fixes for the Error Code 500 on the Anime(Manga) Website

Maybe you are also one of those who are facing this problem and if not. Then also you should read this article so that you can handle this error if you face it in the future.

Is the server down – check online

It is necessary to maintain a website and keep updating it with the latest features so that users can enjoy the best performance and watching experience. Sometimes this is the main reason for facing errors because at such times no one is allowed to visit the website or watch anything on the website. The development team always issues a notice before putting any site’s server down for maintenance. Basically, error 500 pops up when the website is facing any issue but the issue is not specified. In such cases, you could see an error on your screen that stops you from watching anything on the website. You can check online if the server is down of the website by visiting the official Twitter page or the 9anime subreddit. It is important to make sure that the server is down or not because in the case, of the server being down you can do nothing rather than wait because it is not in our hands. It may take some time in getting the server normal.

The site is got down because of the overloading of the traffic

A website works on a server. When you click to open a website or watch anything inside the website, the request goes to the server, and the server allows your request, that’s how things went work. When the number of visitors is high on the website the server got overloaded and get in trouble to answer all the request. Then error 500 also pop-up and the website stops working. But there is no need to worry in such a situation just close the website wait for a while and try to open the website again. This will definitely work.

Third-party applications or extensions could be the reason

Some third-party applications are the cause of big trouble. As we told you early in the article that this website is free of cost. As the website is providing free content whereas other websites are charging money. That’s why the 9anime website shows ads or some pop-ups for advertising purposes. And some people add extensions like ad-blocker which stops websites to show any external things. These extensions can be the issue that’s why disable them and try to open the website again.

Corrupted files, firewalls, or antivirus are the cause of errors

Corrupted files presented in your browser, firewall, and antivirus in your device also create problems in operating any website. Sometimes a website need access and some permissions from your device to run a program. In such cases, the firewall and antivirus presented in your devices block their request and denied opening in your device’s browser. To solve this issue please delete all the cookies and corrupted files by visiting the setting of the browser. Disable the firewall and antivirus to let the website work freely without any interruption.

Unstable connection or your IP is blocked

An unstable internet connection also could be the cause of facing error code 500 while trying to watch an episode of anime. This issue arises because of the low-speed connection or because your connection is not stable. There could be one more reason that your location is blocked or your IP is blocked. Some areas are not allowed to visit some websites and the other reason is your IP is blocked by the server because of some suspicious activity done by you. To fix all these issues firstly you need to fix your internet connectivity by increasing the speed or by switching to another wifi connection. To solve the second problem the best thing is using VPN to change your location. It will definitely help you in accessing the 9anime website without facing error 500.


We gave some easy and expert solutions in this article that will definitely help you in solving the 9anime error 500. We understand that facing such errors could be frustrating but you can fix them easily after reading this article wisely. All the solutions that are defined above are not only for error code 500 rather than they will also help you in fixing many other 9anime errors. Please try one by one all the solutions to watch the anime series peacefully.

Additionally, we want to acknowledge that we do not support any kind of piracy or illegal terms. This article is only for informational purposes and all the information provided is also. If you have any queries you can comment below or contact us.