Why does Delivery Error: Delivery Server Down occurs?

This error occurs because many people don’t enter the mail address in the correct format or they use ZIP files while sending invoices to the customer. If you are also a QuickBooks user then this article is for you. It is an error that pops up while you trying to send invoices to your customers. There could be many possibilities behind facing such errors. That is also possible that the error is not because of your faults maybe it is by the server side. We understand how it feels when you are working and suddenly you see an error pops up on the screen that prevents you from working and sending the data you want to send to your customers. Even if you don’t ever face a delivery server down error so far, also then, you must read this article because if in the future you face this error then you will fix it easily. Keep reading this article to know all the possible reasons behind facing this error and how to fix it easily so that you can do your work without any interruption.

What could be the reason behind the delivery server down error?

If you are new in this field then you must be educated about QuickBooks before learning fixes. It is an application that helps people in the accounting line. There are many features available for the users of this application including, accounting, payroll, inventory, tax, invoicing, cost management, budgeting, payment processing, and all the management of accounts. Now, let’s see some reasons behind this issue on your device. Some of the potential reasons are mentioned below:

  • You’re not attaching files properly
  • Using special characters
  • Not able to set up the company mail address properly
  • A problem with the mail format
  • Using prefixes
  • Problem with the connectivity of your internet
  • Attaching ZIP files
  • Sending big file

How to fix delivery error: delivery server down

There are many steps that you can take to fix such a problem. Some of the easiest solutions step-by-step are mentioned below. You just have to read them and apply them one by one or cross-check all the settings that we telling. So, let’s start and look at the solutions without wasting time anymore.

  1. Avoid the use of zip files

Make sure that you are not using any ZIP file while sending invoices to your customers because QuickBooks didn’t support such kind of formats. So, if you have attached any ZIP file in the mail then remove that file and use a simple formatting file that QuickBooks supports.

  1. Send files less than 25 MB

According to the policy of QuickBooks, you cannot send or attach big files of more than 25 MB. In the case, you have attached any file that has a size greater than 25 MB then you must compress that file or use any small-sized file. Big files are also the reason for showing a delivery server down message.

  1. Make sure that there are no special characters used

Do not use any special characters or prefixes while sending mail. Using special characters can also be a problem. Not only in mail address but it will also create problems if you use it in the description, attachment name, message, or templates. That’s why you should keep the formatting of the mail simple, and there is no need to use any prefixes or special characters.

  1. Check your internet connectivity

Checking whether your internet connectivity is working properly or not is necessary. If your internet doesn’t connect properly or is lagging while working, this can create problems. To check this, you can run a speed test to make sure that your internet is providing good speed for work. If you see any problems, then contact your service provider and ask them to increase speed.

  1. Check the status of the email server

Check the server status to ensure that QuickBooks’ server isn’t down. You can check it online easily by visiting the official site or subreddit page. If you find that the server is down, then nothing is in your hands, and you cannot do anything in such a situation but wait. In such a situation, you just have to wait until the server gets back into a good position.

  1. Restart the server

There is a simple step that you can take in such a situation. Close the application, shut down the whole system, wait for a while, and turn on the system. Then open the application and try to send the mail.

  1. Use the correct mail address format

Always use the correct or proper mail address format to keep yourself away from unwanted problems. You can check the format of the mail that you have entered in your application. An example of the right mail address and where to check is below.

  • Settings 
  • Account and settings
  • Company
  • Contact info
  • Correct formatting of mail:
  1. Location’s email address

Location or customer mail address is necessary to put. So that you can mail it to the right location without any problem. If you don’t know where to put the location’s address. Watch the steps below.

  • Open settings 
  • Choose all lists
  • Locations
  • Edit
  • Put the location you want
  • Save

Final words

In this article, we explained some easy ways to fix the delivery server down problem. We understand how irritating it could be to face such issues while working on something important. We hope that these methods will help you resolve the problem. You just have to apply all the steps carefully, one by one. If you have any queries, you can comment below to ask any questions related to this post.